Our Process and Path to Wellness

We provide consultation as follows:

Initial Consultation

  • At the initial consultation,  Mr. Ansari will review your medical history, symptoms and concerns. We want to understand your current way of living, including nutrition, sleep, movement and sources of stress. 

Case Review  / 60 – 90 minutes

  • At the Case Review appointment, we will review your detailed health history, and the results of your initial lab testing. You will receive a written, comprehensive plan (usually 4-6 pages) detailing recommended steps towards healing. This will include changes in sleep, movement, and nutrition, as well as supplements.

Follow-Up Visits

  • At Follow-Up visits we evaluate your response to the treatment plan and discuss additional Eastern Medicine diagnostic, supplements. The number of follow-up visits will vary based on condition. In general, the longer a person has been ill, the longer they may take to heal. (Phone or In-Person)

Health Coaching / 60 minutes

  • Many patients will benefit from meeting with our Integrative Health Coach. Health coaching can help you focus your health goals, find your own motivation to make positive choices for your health and learn stress reduction techniques and refine your health goals.

Supplements and Medications

  • We recommend quality, evidence-based supplements, including herbal medications and nutritional supplements, for most patients.

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