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After I completed my Doctorate study in Acupuncture and herbal medicine I decided to utilize the functional medicine approach in my practice due to the powerful results that I experienced on a personal level and with patients. Functional medicine is a personalized approach to health care that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each patient. In contrast to conventional care, which is almost entirely focused on suppressing symptoms, functional medicine eliminates symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of a problem. It is an evidence-based field of health care that views the body as an interconnected whole and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease. In functional medicine, the patient is empowered, educated and encouraged to play an active role in the healing process.

Along with my general internal medicine approach to health I combine eastern and western medicine and functional medicine to diagnose and treat health concerns such as hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disease, digestive ailments, allergy/immune, and pain management. I have a strong belief in mind/body connection and use my intuition and kinesiology along with other modern tools for diagnoses and treatment.

One of my strong beliefs in being a good practitioner is to educate and provide everyone with the tools, information that they need to achieve better health. I hope to empower my patients to achieve wellness.

I believe that the Holistic functional medicine, integrated appropriately with eastern and western herbs and other bio-energetic medicines are the key for maintaining optimum health and preventing illness for my clients.

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