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             How Acupuncture and Laser Therapy works for Car Accidents injuries

Acupuncture and Laser are viable treatment options because they are Holistic and reduce pain. Both therapies together help to diminish inflammation and pain quickly.  Which in turn allows the body to heal with more ease.  Along with treating aches and pains caused by accident, these treatments for car accident injuries also help prevent re-injury.  These treatments are excellent for whiplash, muscle spasm, and equilibrium concerns.  It is also effective in treating emotional issues resulting from the accident such as anxiety, PTSD , and stress.  One of the aspects of acupuncture and Laser for car accidents that makes it so effective is that its a passive therapy.  As a result, it can be better initial treatment than massage, chiropractic, or Physical therapy. The reason this is true is because patients are not stretched, moved, realigned, or adjusted in anyway during the treatment. This is crucial because it prevents the chance of hidden injuries become aggravated during treatment

If you are considering acupuncture and Laser for car accident injuries but are concerned about the potential price, have no fear, PIP Car insurance covers acupuncture treatments.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "After the first treatment, I started to feel a difference on my back pain. Mr. Ansari is very caring and confident and provides excellent care. My pain was completely relieved and the process very relaxing."
  • "I had peripheral neuropathy for 24 years. Doctors told me that I have to deal with it. I came to Borjis Acupuncture and Health clinic for help and after just 2 treatments I starting feeling my toe again and what a difference that has made in my life. I go to see him for maintenance now and then and his work is great. I recommend him highly."
  • "I came to Mr. Ansari for my seasonal and food allergies. During the 3rd and 4th treatment, I began to feel improvement. I am recommending Mr. Ansari to everyone I know."
  • "He was amazing! The muscle testing, he did and the knowledge he had with acupuncture (and I have worked for and gone to many acupuncturists) was better than any I had ever gone to!"
    Aria R
  • "Thorough discussion on expectations that include health of entire body."
    Bonnie P
  • "Had a great experience. Mr. Ansari was super patient and answered every single question we had. It was very helpful. Thank you doctor!
    Jana PI read reviews before seeing him, so I did. It was easy to find the clinic. Clinic itself has nice atmosphere. Clean and calming. Mr. Ansari is very thorough. My face feels great, treatment was painless. Mr. Ansari is amazing! So knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive and very kind. I came down with a cold before my 2nd appointment, he took care of me. I am lucky to have found him!"
  • "DO IT! So glad I did. Incredible experience. More than I expected."
    Carol L
  • "Awesome practitioner...can't wait to go back!!"
    Cindy I
  • "Very friendly and knowledgeable He generously spent a lot of time and explained everything about the treatment in detail"
    Farah E

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